Donsol Water District


DONSOL WATER DISTRICT as its official duly registered business name, is an Autonomous Government Owned and Controlled Corporation (GOCC) bearing with its official LOGO, with its permanent and official business address at National Road, Rawis Donsol, Sorsogon, operating and existing by virtue of presidential decree no. 198 (as amended) and in relation with some existing laws, rules and regulations. Established in 1972, duly registered through a Certificate of Conformance (CCC) NO. 0072 issued on January 17, 1979 by Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA), the conduit/partner of the water district for its financial and technical needs and some other coordinative efforts for effective and efficient operation and management of the district.

The ultimate function of the water district as a public utility and or service provider entity is to develop, maintain, and deliver adequate, potable and affordable drinking water supply to the community in general and to its duly registered concessionaires in particular, within its territorial jurisdiction and service coverage area. With the foregoing functions of the district, in order to deliver its desired services to its clientele and likewise in order to meet the expected services by the concessionaires, the district presently providing and maintaining the following resources, facilities and corresponding appurtenances:

The existing system facilities include three deep wells (Layuan, Tres Marias and Sibago) of which one is non-operational due to water quality problem (Tupas Pumping Station). Additional of two new deep wells were constructed at Sitio Layuan 2, Brgy. Ogod and Sitio Mabinit, Brgy. Tupas, through GAA 2017 loan funded project; pumping facilities; chlorinating facilities; a ground reservoir; transmission pipelines and distribution network including valves, hydrants and service connections.

A.   Source

 The Layuan well, considered as the main source of DON-WD, located 1.0 km east of the Poblacion.  It was constructed in 1996 at a depth of 53 meters and provided with 250mm casing and screens. It is equipped with a 15 Hp submersible pump discharge at a rate of 17 L/s and with a stand-by power generating set (34KVA F.G. Wilson).

The Tres Marias well, is located 900 m northeast of the Poblacion. It was constructed in 1968 at a depth of 227 meters with 150mm partial casing (115.8 m.  open hole type).   It is equipped with a 15 Hp motor-driven submersible pump and discharges at a rate of 8 L/s.

The well in Brgy. Sibago, located 8 km north of the Poblacion, was newly developed well/source. It was built in 2014 with a depth of 65 meters and casing diameter of 200mm the discharge rate was about 5 L/s.    The well was constructed as a separate source for two adjacent barangays of Tinanogan and Sibago. It is equipped with 7.5 Hp Submersible pump and motor and 22 KVA Generating Set.

The Booster Pumping Station in Pangpang is located at about 2.2 km northwest of the Poblacion.    It was constructed in September 2005 and inaugurated on April 27, 2006 with 18.75 cu.m. capacity Sump tank.  It is equipped with a 7.5 Hp motor–driven Franklin Submersible pump and discharges at a rate of 82gpm. 

B.   Storage Facilities

 The system has three concrete ground reservoirs. The first reservoir located in Brgy. Tupas is about 1 km north of the Poblacion. It is a dome-type concrete reservoir, constructed in 1939 by US and it has a capacity of 300 cu.m. and an overflow elevation of 18.8 ml.                    

The second reservoir located at Brgy. Pangpang is about 4.5 km from the Poblacion, it is a cylindrical-type concrete ground reservoir with a capacity of 80 cu.m. Constructed in 2010, being filled up through the booster pump equipped/installed with various gate valves and operates on gravitation mode and operating eight (8) hours regularly.

The third reservoir located at Barobo, Brgy. Sibago, constructed in 2016, it has a capacity of 100 cu.m. the reservoir also operates on gravitation mode 24 hours regularly.

A proposed 175 cu.m. Reinforced Concrete Ground Reservoir is to be constructed at Sitio Mabinit, Brgy. Tupas under GAA 2017 Loan Project Fund.

C.   Treatment Facilities

The water sources are provided each with a hypochlorinator. The Layuan Pumping Station no. 01, Layuan Pumping Station no. 02, Tres Marias Drive (TMD) Pumping Station, Mabinit Pumping Station, Sibago Pumping Station and Pangpang Booster Pumping Station has its chlorinator all are functioning regularly and effectively.

D.   Transmission Facilities

A total of about 4.6 km of 200mm and 150mm pipeline made of PVC is used to convey water from Layuan PS’s No. 1 & 2 and the Mabinit Pumping Station, separately, to the distribution network.

E.   Distribution Facilities

Distribution facilities include the distribution pipeline, service connections, valves and fire hydrants.

Both old (existing) and new pipes will serve the delineated service area of DON-WD the Barangay Dancalan, Pangpang, Gimagaan, Vinisitahan, Tinanogan, Sibago including lateral pipeline extension, and the new transmission and distribution pipelines will comprise the Sitio Layuan, Brgy. Ogod and Sitio Mabinit, Brgy. Tupas.

A total of 29,286.7 linear meters of transmission and distribution pipelines with diameters ranging from 2 to 8 inches both C.I. and PVC pipe, including gate valves and hydrants laid in Poblacion to Dancalan and 12,345 lm transmission and distribution pipelines with diameters ranging from 2 to 6 inches were laid in Pangpang, Gimagaan and Vinistahan, including gate valves. 8,160 lm transmission and distribution pipelines with diameters ranging from 2, 3 and 4 inches of uPVC pipes laid in Brgy. Tinanogan, Sitio Malasgas, Brgy. Sibago and sitio Magaragad. New water source with 2,129 lm transmission uPVC pipelines extension with diameter ranging from 8” to 6” including valves and fittings laid in Sitio Mabinit, Brgy. Tupas and 1,429.25 lm of uPVC main pipeline extension ranging from 8” to 6”Ø including valves and fittings were laid, jointed and interconnected at Sitio Layuan, Brgy. Ogod, as form part of the newly developed well/water source    

The existing system has eight (8) hydrants; 24 gate valves and 16 blow-off valves.

The total number of active service connections as of December 2021 was 2,708.


Message from the BOD Chairman


Greetings to all our Valued Concessionaires, Management Staff, & BOD Members!

The Donsol Water District (Don-WD) have its own vision and mission that of serving the constituents within the service area coverage. These are the sources of all the concerted efforts by the present board of director members.

The focus of these board in order to carry out the vision and mission, is to focus its effort on:

  1. Adopting policies for a sustainable maintenance of potable water distribution to its clientele;
  2. Efforts is focused on the further development and improvements for a sustained water distribution;
  3. The welfare and protection of the managerial staff is one of the concerns of these board by adopting measures for the salaries and other benefits they are legally entitled to.

Fulfilling these three, the Donsol Water District will continue to supply a sustainable potable water, thereby, they will continue to enjoy one of the best gift in life by nature because water itself is LIFE. Donsolanon is one of the luckiest people for having water supply. So Donsoleneos patronized the potable water of Donsol Water District for it is YOUR LIFE.